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Looking for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner? We've got all the options for you. Grab for your favourite meals!

Chatpata Chole

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Rajma Chawal

Original price was: ₹189.00.Current price is: ₹169.00.
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Red Sauce Pasta

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Dal Fry

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Mexican Rice with Gravy

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Jeera Rice

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Pav Bhaji

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Dal Makhani

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Why LEVVEL 5 Ready To Eat?



We serve authentic home-cooked meals to our customers at any part of the world.


Nutritious Meal

Our customers' health is our utmost priority, we use fresh and nutritionally rich ingredients to prepare each meal.



Best quality & authentic Indian spices are sourced to prepare instant meals which enrich the flavors of India in every bite.


Preservative Free

We promise to serve our customers with 100% natural instant food and no added colors.

Authentic Indian Cuisines

Each product is curated by master chefs from across India, each product is crafted with locally sourced fresh farm picked ingredients offering an authentic taste to each dish. 

The freshness of flavors and spices are deliciously curated with preciseness, so when we say the authentic taste of India,

we really mean it. 

Freeze Dried Technology

Freeze-drying technology is the process that removes moisture by freezing products and then utilizing a vacuum to sublime the moisture leaving an almost 100% dry product.

Each product at Levvel5 Store is freeze-dried to maintain its shelf life along with its nutritional value and taste. 

Taste and Nutrition in, nothing else out!

Love from Foodies

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    Preparaption Methods

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    Normal Cook

    Stove Cook (Recommended)

    Microwave Cook

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    Effortless elegance in every bite of our Ready-to-eat Akhrot Halwa!

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    Relish the finest flavors with our Gajar ka Halwa. A gourmet masterpiece, effortlessly prepared.

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